7 Herbs That Your Hair Oils Need To Have

7 Herbs That Your Hair Oils Need To Have

Having a healthy skin is what we always seek for, isn’t it? However, due to various reasons like pollution, unhealthy dieting habits, mental and physical stress, etc., it has become a herculean task to keep the skin in a healthy state. It is therefore crucial that we know about our skin and its functions.

According to Ayurveda, there are seven distinct layers of the skin, which have its own structure and function. Designed in a way that each layer supports the other, the skin performs its operations effectively only when all these layers are healthy and balanced. Let us go through them and have a basic knowledge about how our skin operates.

1. Avabhasini: It is the outermost layer, which reflects the complexion and quality of the Rasa Dhatu, commonly known as Nutrient Fluid, in our body. This layer of the skin indicates whether the whole physiology of the body is balanced or not and also reflects the inner radiant and aura of an individual. Skin problems like pimples, acne and dandruff appear on the body when this layer of the skin gets affected.

2. Lohita: This layer of the skin indicates the quality of blood, Rakta Dhatu, and supports the outermost layer to keep the balance. The impurities in the blood impact the aura of the outermost layer and make the skin more sensitive towards the sun.

3. Shweta: This is the third layer of the skin, which provides balance to the skin colour. It is white in colour and helps in lightening the darker shades of the inner layers.

4. Tamra: This skin layer nurtures the upper layers of the skin and supports the immune system to function properly. It acts as a barrier to the skin and infections are an indication towards the imbalance of this layer of our skin. Maintain the shiny texture of your hair by using natural hair oil

5. Vedini: This is the fifth layer of the skin and it sensually links the skin to the rest of the body. Any sensation like pain is the cause of imbalance in this skin layer.

6. Rohini: The sixth layer of our skin supports the healing and regeneration of our skin cells. An imbalance in this layer of the skin can stop the healing process and may not cure the scars over time. Any major disorder in this skin layer may lead to many fatal diseases like cancer, tumour etc. Be the first one to use the natural hair mask. 

7. Mamsadhara: This is the innermost layer of the skin and it is the platform for the skin to get stability and firmness. When in a balanced state, this layer makes the skin look young and supple.

In order to have a good looking and healthy skin, all these seven layers of the skin need to be in balance. It is necessary that all these layers of the skin are taken care of and Ayurvedic formulations can be an excellent way to do it. We, at Alyuva, have formulated a range of Ayurvedic beauty essentials, which penetrate through all the seven layers of the skin, making it healthier, softer and suppler. Find these amazing products on Flipkart and Amazon and bring home bundles of joy.

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