Body Care

Natural Body Lotion, Creams and Soap Free Body Wash

For your leisure and bliss, Alyuva has formulated its own range of 100% natural remedies, originally derived from ancient science, and expertly combined with modern needs to produce powerful healing lotions, drops and body wash. The lotions are stuffed with benefits of Natural & Organic ingredients that help nourish the skin from deep within without any side effects and give a permanent solution for your dehydrated skin. 

Alyuva’s natural body lotion is soft and sit light on the skin, which doesn’t feel quite as heavy as the average lotions which are currently available in the market. If you’re looking for a surge of moisture minus the sticky residue, these are formulated just for you. Whilst the mosquito repellant solution is 100% natural and protects against mosquitoes that transmit viruses that cause Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya & Zika. 

Alyuva’s soap free body wash is intricately crafted with the goodness of nature to keep your skin healthy, moisturised and rash free. With regular use, our moisturising body wash can ease rough skin and make it smooth and silky. Alyuva’s ayurvedic nasal drops work especially well for clearing the nasal airway and keeping any neurological uneasiness at bay. 

These moisturising, effective and healing products are crafted to take care of your skin and body needs the right way. Infused with the goodness of nature and Ayurveda, these products will cater to your needs like never before!