Lip Care

Natural Lip Balm

Your lips are one of the most delicate and yet ignored parts of your body. They need that extra pampering to keep them soft, supple, luscious and protected. Whether it’s the harmful sun rays that can cause lip pigmentation or the dropping mercury that can make your lips chapped and dry, your lips need that something extra, something special to keep their natural glow intact.

Alyuva’s Lip Balms are all-natural lip creams that are naturally formulated using rich emollients such as clarified butter, cocoa, and organic oils. We’ve got a lip balm for every lip care related problem including lip balm for dry lips, chapped lips and damaged lips. Our lip balms are also the best lip balm for pigmented lips and the best lip moisturizer you’ll ever need, creating a barrier that keeps your lips protected all day long.

Applying the ayurvedic lip balms regularly seals the natural moisture of your lips, repairs them, and leaves them moisturized and nourished. Each Lip Balm comes with the goodness of natural extracts like strawberry, orange, cocoa and plum which infuse a delicious and distinct fragrance to the products.