Face Care

Natural Face Cream, Body Lotion, Herbal Face Pack, Natural Face Scrub and Soap Free Refreshing Face Wash

Alyuva’s range of ayurvedic face cream boasts a collection of the best ayurvedic face cream, 100% chemical-free and natural face cream for daily use, that target different skin problems. Each Alyuva skin cream, be it the ayurvedic cream for glowing skin, natural face cream for dry skin or ayurvedic cream for oily skin adds a reviving touch of 5000 years old ancient formulations to your skincare routine. 

The naturally formulated, authentic, herbal face cream for daily use is ideal for every skin type. Not only do they moisturize your skin but also provide the essential nutrients to make it soft and healthy. Alyuva’s ayurvedic skin creams can treat a variety of skin problems including reddish and freckled skin, sun-damaged skin, premature wrinkles and ageing or dryness. No matter what your skin might be suffering from, Alyuva’s face care range can take care of all your skincare woes. All you need is just a little natural and loving touch of Alyuva. 

The best natural face cream for dry skin: ayurvedic cream for glowing skin, oily skin or ayurvedic cream for dry skin, is specifically formulated to pamper you with exotic and organic herbs, pure ingredients, and simply natural beauty care.

Alyuva’s newest range of ayurvedic face cleansing products aims to nurture and refresh your skin naturally! This wonderful collection of face wash, face scrub and face pack is packed with 100% chemical-free ingredients to pamper your skin like never before. With the handcrafted combination of essential oils and natural extracts, each product helps cater to a different skin problem! The Herbal Face Pack is packed with moisturising, hydrating, exfoliating, anti-ageing, rejuvenating and anti-acne ingredients alongside the goodness of Multani Mitti! The charcoal activated face scrub exfoliates and eliminates all skin impurities in no time! 

The natural face cleansing range: herbal face pack, natural face scrub and soap free refreshing face wash is carefully handcrafted to take care of your skin as nature intended to.