A 3-Step Guide To Restoring Your Scalp Health

A 3-Step Guide To Restoring Your Scalp Health

The onslaught of the COVID Pandemic has resulted in testing times for all of us, including not only our physical and mental health but also the health of our skin and hair. The constant stress related to our uncertain present and future, messed-up daily routines, lack of exercise, exposure to the sun and dust, along with the application of incomplete and ineffective hair care products have immensely impacted our scalp health. So, on the off-chance that you are losing your hair or encountering a diminishing hairline, be rest assured that you are not the only one. But, you can be the one to do something about it before it gets too late! 

Take a look at our 3-step guide to restoring your scalp health. 

Step 1: Ditch your regular hair care products and switch to natural

One of the primary reasons behind any hair-related problem is the countless chemical-rich hair care and styling products that you use. These hair care or styling products might temporarily make your hair look shiny, but actually cause much more damage than you realize in the long run. 

Natural hair care products such as Alyuva’s Natural Hair Care range enriched with the goodness of Shata Dhauta Ghrita, which includes different types of hair oils and a supplementing hair mask, treats the root cause of the problem and nourishes the 7 layers of your scalp and repairs it from deep within. Hence, a definitive step towards making a difference to your scalp health would be to switch from chemical-based products to natural, chemical-free hair care products. 

Step 2: Create a Daily Scalp-Cleansing Schedule 

Healthy hair is often a result of an effective hair care regime which answers very simple yet crucial questions related to it such as: 

  1. How frequently should you wash your hair? 
  2. How frequently should you shampoo your hair? 

Talking about a regular Scalp Schedule, start with washing your hair at least twice a week. Avoid washing your hair too frequently. Over-washing the scalp strips off its natural essential oils, leaving your scalp dry. 

Shampoo your hair after a tiring day or (every time you feel the need) to remove the dirt and damage your hair might have endured. Use a chemical-free mild shampoo that is soft on your scalp and effective enough to cleanse your hair. Don’t forget to oil your hair right after shampooing your hair. Make sure to repeat the process at least twice a week for great results.

Step 3: Complement your scalp care with a nourishing massage

There’s nothing better than a simple hot oil massage an hour or two before a shampoo wash. As per a report by EPlasty, the regular scalp massage helps thicken your hair. Regular scalp massage also stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp and promotes healthier hair growth. Besides, a good hot oil massage using a natural, chemical-free oil helps relieve stress and helps you unwind.

Now, keeping aside all the benefits of scalp massage, there are certain precautions that you need to maintain during your scalp massages. To start with, don’t pull the hair strands too hard or else the hair follicles will get damaged. Pulling hair too hard can also damage the hair roots, leading to hair fall.

Scalp health is important. Keeping that in mind, we are sure the 3-step guide will help you restore your scalp’s health to its former glory. So, try the 7-layer deep hair care products of Alyuva and get started today!

Take care. Keep shining.

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