Benefits Of Using Alyuva’s Herbal Face Pack

Benefits Of Using Alyuva’s Herbal Face Pack

We all are trying to lead a healthy life amid our hectic and busy schedules. By incorporating healthy diets, and taking care of our skin and body- we try to connect with our bodies. Promoting a harmonious balance between the mind, body and soul is important. Waking up early, exercising or meditating, drinking lots of water and taking care of your skin and body is something that everyone needs to do daily.

Is it possible to not worry about our health by following a proper routine or as Ayurveda experts call it- “Dincharya”. According to Ayurveda, Dincharya is a daily routine that emphasizes the importance of syncing our lives with the rhythms of nature. Maintaining a daily routine bring a radical change in our overall body, keeping it in a good shape. The disconnection of your body, mind and soul from the amazing benefits of nature causes disruptions in the body leading to various health issues. That is why even your skincare regime should be a part of your daily health care routine. People try different products according to their face type and skin texture which contain artificial ingredients and end up having acne or rashes. Experts have always suggested and recommended applying something that is 100% natural and has no side effects on your skin. Well, looks like we got a solution for all your skin problems. Applying Ayurvedic face masks would just brighten up your skin without any side effects. Use the best all-natural herbal face pack from Alyuva which consists of the goodness of Ayurvedic ingredients like sandalwood, turmeric, Multani mitti and rose.

Alyuva’s Herbal Face Pack

Alyuva’s herbal face pack is a beauty powerhouse loaded with moisturising, hydrating, anti-ageing and exfoliating ingredients. With the amazing cooling effects, this face pack rejuvenates and refreshes your skin from the inside out. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the ingredients in this herbal face cream for daily use and the face pack.

  • Sandalwood- A much-loved fragrance all over the world, Sandalwood not only evokes a sense of calm and peace but is one of the most used ingredients in Ayurvedic face packs, creams and essential oils. It gives the perfect nourishment to your skin by maintaining its structure and buoyancy. With rich anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces scars, wrinkles and acne. Using Alyuva’s herbal face pack filled with the goodness of sandalwood would not only even your skin tone but also improve the elasticity of your skin.
  • Multani Mitti- A famous ingredient which is used for DIY face masks, Multani mitti can be your secret for glowing and soft skin. A staple ingredient in almost all herbal formulations suggested by Ayurveda for skin, it cleanses the skin perfectly. It is often called a natural cleanser as it is used for reducing oil on the skin, fighting acne, reducing pigmentation and brightening up the skin.
  • Turmeric- This wondrous ingredient is used to bring lustre and a natural glow to your skin. Turmeric is one of the most used spices in almost every household, mixing it with yoghurt and honey- you can make the perfect DIY face mask or face pack for yourself. The presence of turmeric in Alyuva’s herbal face mask not only helps in reducing acne scars but also prevents several dermatological conditions.
  • Rose- The best way to tackle your dry skin is with the perfect ingredient- rose which is loaded with minerals, nutrients and antioxidants properties. Use rose or rosewater as your daily toner and see the difference yourself. It is a healing hydrator and reduces wrinkles, blemishes and acne effectively.

Alyuva’s herbal face pack can be mixed with milk, yoghurt, lemon juice, rose water, coconut milk or just plain water according to your skin type. The anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties that this face pack consists of will make your skin glow instantly. It leaves your skin smooth and soft, giving it a brightening touch. This face pack exfoliates the skin, soothes sunburns, removes suntan and dirt and reduces the signs of ageing. The best thing about using Ayurveda based face pack is that it does not have any side effects.

Stop looking for artificial face packs, creams and moisturisers that only mess up the texture of your skin. Get the amazing, all-natural Ayurvedic products of Alyuva and brighten your skin this summer season.

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