Breezy Season Alert! Skincare Tips for the Fall

Breezy Season Alert! Skincare Tips for the Fall

We are 9 months into 2020 and summer is officially over. With the rainy season also almost coming to an end, we are slowly creeping into the breezy Autumn. You may not hear the sounds of winds rushing towards the North, and of leaves trembling right before they touch the ground, but it’s time you prepare your skin for the fall season. 

Yes, since summer is over, the skincare regime that helped you beat the heat a couple of months back, is of no use in Autumn. You and your skin need an all-new skincare regime. Take a look below for some helpful skincare tips. 

1. No stepping out without sunscreen 

It is common to associate colder seasons, Autumn and Winters, with frostbites than sun damage. But, if experts are to be believed, sun protection is more essential in colder months than in summer. The sun’s UV rays can be equally damaging in all seasons and so, no matter which season it is, don’t leave the safety of your house without applying sunscreen first. Going out without applying sunscreen can impact your skin health and make signs of ageing evident. Step out with confidence by using herbal face cream.

2. Moisturize all-day

Just like sun protection is a must all round the year, skin moisturizing too is an essential part of your skincare routine in every season. Moisturizing is not only about making your skin look great, but all-day moisturization seals the moisture in your body, regulates your body temperature, naturally sheds bacteria from your pores and protects your skin against extreme heat, cold and pain. So, once the fall takes over, start applying lotion every day right after you shower and once in the evening. Get the right nourishment with the best herbal face cream containing all-natural ingredients. 

P.S: Since the days are colder, try a thicker moisturizer which can replenish the essential oils and fatty acids already present in your skin. 

3. Say hello to skin oil

We understand how annoying having oily skin can be for you during summers. But skin oil is an essential bit for the sake of skin hydration during autumn and winters. Facial oils contain nutrients, including essential fatty acids and antioxidants that can help seal in moisture to keep the skin hydrated during the cold, dry months. 

4. Adapt a body lotion regime

With an end to summer comes an end to the infamous humid days, and the moisture in the air reduces, leaving the skin to feel dry and itchy. The best way to get rid of the itchiness and keep your body skin hydrated is by adding an effective body lotion in your regime. Body lotions create a protective barrier over the skin, allowing it to retain hydration and draw in hydration to the outer skin layer.

Autumn is a wonderful time to indulge in self-care/ skincare beauty habits. But, before that happens, you must adapt your skincare regime according to your skin’s requirements in the fall season. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

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