Dry Skin in Winters & How to Heal It?

Dry Skin in Winters & How to Heal It?

Turtle neck sweaters, hot chocolate, snow (hopefully), mufflers, frequent ‘No Bath’ days, the infamous struggle of waking up in the morning and leaving the comfort of your blanket and bed, and let’s not forget the presents on Christmas or the celebrations on New Year’s Eve. If you think about it, Winters is the real ‘Sugar, spice and everything nice’. But we all know that’s not all that happens during winters, especially when it comes to skin health. The cold season can have a harsh impact on the skin, turning it extremely dry and itchy. But, should that fear of your skin suffering due to the cold weather stop you from enjoying an otherwise fun and happening season? No. Not when you can switch up your skincare regime a bit and tackle the impacts of winters on your skin. 

So, are you ready for perfect dryness-free skin this and all the winters to come? We hope you are. 

  • Showering more than once a day? Cutting back on that should be a good start. 

Skincare experts believe showering once a day, especially during winters is more than enough. Here’s why. Taking multiple showers simply means over-cleansing, which is never good for the skin. Over cleansing strips your skin of the precious moisture and causes dryness, which further leads to redness, tightness and irritation. 

If you are already used to the double shower and don’t see yourself switching to the ‘one shower a day’ routine, try rinsing with plain water in the morning and reserve the cleansing bath for nights (before bed). While you are at it, try replacing the hot water with lukewarm water. 

Lastly, make up for the lost moisturization resulting from cleansing with a natural hydrating/ moisturizing cream. If you need help with finding a good moisturizer, check out Alyuva Face Care section.  

  • Moisturize at least twice a day

We feel bad about asking you to cut down on the number of showers you take every day. Genuinely. So, it’s okay if you want to moisturize your skin twice, or even more than that. Just don’t overdo it (Twice a day is more than enough. But you can occasionally go for thrice a day). 

The low humidity in the air will draw the moisture from your skin more frequently than you think. Thus, skin hydration using a good moisturizer, twice a day, is important. It helps maintain your skin’s hydration levels. 

The ideal time to moisturize your skin is within 3 minutes after you come in contact with water. That allows the moisturizer to lock the moisture in the skin before it evaporates. 

  • Sunscreen creams are forever essential 

Sun protection is an all-season necessity. It’s not like the sun keeps a low profile during autumns or takes a break from shining during winters. In other words, the sun and the (UV) rays it emits are anti-skin throughout the year. And we have been saying this for quite some time now, don’t step outside without applying sunscreen cream on your skin no matter which season it is. 

  • Skipping exfoliation is not the best thing 

If you are thinking about it, and no matter how tempted you are, skipping on exfoliating during winters can be a bad step for your skin. Skin care experts suggest exfoliating at least twice a week, if not more, during winters. 

Lastly, stay healthy, eat healthily, and exercise daily. That should get you and your skin smoothly through winters. 

Take care.

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