Here Is What You Should Do For Post-Covid Hair Fall

Here Is What You Should Do For Post-Covid Hair Fall

The notorious virus has brought a lot of havoc to our lives. From changing the lifestyle to adopting the “New Normal” to being more precautious about health; a lot has changed since the pandemic hit our door. It must be a huge achievement for those who fought the battle against the virus and defeated it. However, the victory celebrations did not last long. Even after testing negative, the recovery period can be equally terrifying. Especially dealing with post-covid hair fall problems.

During the first wave of Covid-19, those who tested positive generally complained of tiredness, breathlessness, lack of energy, skin allergies, dry eyes, a little cough etc. during the post-covid recovery time. These were some of the common after-effects of the virus that lasted for a few months even after recovery. However, the second wave brought in some more complications. Recovering patients also complained of excessive hair fall. 

According to the experts, excessive hair fall is normal after any major illness. However, with covid, the bar of excess has also risen many folds. Normally, we experience a hair fall of 80-100 every day. But with post-covid data, the number had risen to as high as 300-400 per day. This was adding to the already stressful recovery of the patients. Sharing their views on the post-covid hair fall, some dermatologists said that hair fall occurs due to a lack of essential minerals required for hair follicles. And the virus leaves your body drained of all the vitamins and minerals. 

Hair experts believe that post-covid hair fall can last up to as long as four months. Dermatologists refer to this condition as Telogen Effluvium. During the post-covid recovery period, this condition majorly occurs due to stress, nutritional deficiency, low B12 and vitamin D levels, inflammatory reactions, etc. 

How To Stop Post-Covid Hair Fall

After much research and analysis, the experts have concluded that the best solution to stop post-covid hair fall is oiling your hair regularly, which not only reduces hair fall but also strengthens the weakened follicles. Along with this, a balanced diet is also important to get the vitamin and mineral levels back in balance. 

But not every hair oil might give you the miraculous results you are expecting. One of the recommended hair oils by dermatologists is coconut oil. Since the oil is infused with lauric acid and medium-chain triglycerides, it works magic for hair fall problems. Coconut oil deeply nourishes your hair providing adequate moisture and conditioning. 

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Do not stress over post-covid hair fall problems, with a proper diet and hair care routine, you can win this battle too.

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