How Chemical Lip Balms Cause Harm Than Good?

How Chemical Lip Balms Cause Harm Than Good?

“Switch to natural lip balms for your good.” “Cosmetic lip balms are not good for you!” and so on. These are some of the most common words most skincare experts, influencers and natural skin care product companies would use to convince you into switching to natural beauty care products, in this case, a lip balm. And truth be told, hearing or reading the same words again and again can be annoying… unless someone finally decides to explain the “how” of “how a non-natural lip balm can be harming your lips”. A part of explaining the “how” is to help decide on your own, and not to force it on you. 

And as they say, “the change starts from home.” In this blog, we will do exactly that. We’ll tell you how chemical lip balms are harming your lips. Once done, you can decide whether or not to switch to Natural Lip Balms. 

  1. Allergic reactions due to the use of compounds: Flavoured chemical lip balms use compounds such as cinnamates. These compounds, when used in lip balms, impart the fragrance, which often are the real culprits behind the lip damage. It’s often seen that these compounds can cause allergic reactions on one’s lips.  
  2. Sensitive lips owing to methanol: The cooling sensation in most chemical-based lip balms is a result of methanol. However, methanol can only provide an immediate cooling effect but they can’t heal dry lips. That’s not all, methanol can also lead to irritation in lips and make them more sensitive. 
  3. Increased risk of breast cancer from paraben: Paraben is one of the most commonly used chemicals in lip balms. The problem with the use is, paraben can very easily mimic the properties of estrogen and act as potential endocrine disruptors (aka hormone disruptors). This estrogen-mimicking effect of paraben has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and malignant melanoma (a form of skin cancer). The effect can lead to reduced testosterone levels in men. 
  4. Use of petroleum jelly: Cosmetic products companies have so far been using a refined version of petroleum jelly in beauty products. However, the refining process is not completely safe and the risk of finding toxic ingredients in the final beauty care product is always high. Besides that, petroleum jelly creates an airtight barrier on the skin. This means your skin can’t breathe and turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and more toxic compounds.

There are several more reasons why chemical-based lips are a big NO-NO for you… or anyone. And you can find them on the internet very easily. But, we hope the aforementioned information would be enough to help you make up your mind. 

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