How To Not Let Age Catch Up With Your Skin?

How To Not Let Age Catch Up With Your Skin?

Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon. But, there’s a difference between growing old and looking old. Yes, you heard that right! While you can’t control your age, you can slow down the signs of ageing on your skin with smart choices along the way. Want to know more? Take a look at the tips below.

1. No stepping out without applying sunscreen

This is one rule you must follow religiously… No matter what, don’t step out in the sun without applying sunscreen on your skin and face. The constant exposure to sun rays damages your skin cells and causes several skin problems such as redness, pigmentation, etc. 

Apply Alyuva’s Natural Sunscreen Lotion every time you step out to keep your skin smooth, wrinkle-free and healthy.

2. Avoid tanning – indoors and outdoors

Tanning – be it by sunbathing on a beach or rooftop or using tanning beds, is one of the biggest mistakes that impact your skin more than everything else. Too much exposure to sun rays can cause skin discolouration and damage to elastin and collagen.

3. Ditch your chemical-based skincare products 

Everyday use products such as your regular sunscreen, moisturizer, hydrating cream, etc. are made using chemicals that provide temporary relief from skin problems but damage your skin for good. Ditching such products and switching to natural skin and body care products is the first step towards healthier skin and a healthier you. 

Alyuva’s range of skin and hair care products are formulated to pamper you with the benefits of Shata Dhauta Ghrita, natural herbs, organic ingredients, essential oils and an ancient beauty regime that is natural and simply divine.

4. Make changes in your eating habits 

What you eat has a direct impact on your skin health i.e. your skin’s appearance. Making small changes in your eating habits can help to lower the risk of multiple diseases associated with ageing. You can start by saying ‘No’ to processed meat such as the ones used to make burgers, hot dogs, etc. Add darkly coloured fruits and vegetables — blueberries, cherries, spinach and kale — to your diet. This would reduce the risk of you suffering from diseases such as Diabetes, Low/High Blood pressure and so on. To add one more, skip packaged foods to keep your blood sugar level in check.  

5. Work out your body and brain 

Experts believe a person who exercises every day is less likely to look older compared to someone who doesn’t. In other words, a body in motion will age better than one on the couch. However, when we say regular workout can help you slow down ageing for your skin, it’s not just physical work out we are referring to. Engaging in activities like dancing, painting, etc. helps you learn while you are exercising your body – and it may be a potent way to slow the effects of ageing, strengthening both the body and the mind at the same time.

5. Relax, don’t stress 

Have you ever come across someone who looks like he/she in her 30s but is actually quite younger? If you haven’t, you will. In fact, if you stress too much, you’ll be this guy one day. 

Stress is bad for you, your health and your skin. The more you stress, the faster the signs of ageing will become visible – and your skin will age faster than you do. So, try to relax as much and as long as you can. Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, listening to music, etc. to calm yourself down whenever you are stressed. 

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