How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winters

Dear fellow Indians, congratulations! With all that’s happening in 2020, a winter-less December was well on the cards for us. But, (you must be experiencing it) 2020 did disappoint. Winters have come, officially. How do we know? Delhi recorded the lowest temperature in 17 years on the 4th Sunday of the month, the average temperatures in the whole country is back to ‘it’s crazy cold’ degrees, and the ‘getting out of bed every morning’ struggle has crawled back into our daily routines. That’s how we know. 

Now, the question is, why are we saying all this? If the winter is here, people need not be told. They can guess it quite easily from their freezing fingers and the increasing yearning for the warmth of their blankets. So, why are we talking about winters? Because winter is officially the season when you need to make changes in your skincare regime to protect your skin from the harsh effects of the cold weather. 

If you already know what to do, sit back and relax. But, if you don’t know what to do i.e. how to take care of your skin from the long cold night, put on your reading glasses (literally) and read the winter skincare tips below. 

  • We have said this time and again but we will repeat: don’t go out without SPF i.e. don’t step out of the house without applying a good amount of sunscreen, irrespective of the season. The sun never takes a break from emitting those harmful (UV) rays, why should your sunscreen. 
  • Skin cleansing or even bathing during winters with hot water can be tempting. But for us out, it does more damage to your skin than the cold weather outside. A hot shower will result in skin dryness faster than other external factors. So, no matter how tempted you may feel to take a bath with steaming hot water, please don’t. Mix a little of cold water or use lukewarm water instead. 
  • Moisturize more. Twice or thrice a day is a good number, to begin with. But, if you feel the need, go for occasional 4 times a day if you are into showering more than once a day. Don’t take more than one shower a day during winters. The need for cleansing during winters can be met with one bath, no need for a second one. 
  • Choose your skincare products wisely. What worked for your skin during summers might not be as effective during winters. For instance, look for skin cleansing products that have the necessary ingredients to act as a moisturizer at the same time. Also, while we are at it, avoid any skincare products with harmful ingredients such as anti-skin chemicals, alcohol, etc. 
  • Don’t ignore exfoliation completely during winters, just limit the frequency to twice or thrice a week. Exfoliating your skin helps remove dead skin cells, boosting the skin cells regeneration process. This further helps in better absorption of skincare creams that you use. 
  • Avoid anything that irritates your skin. Winter skin is extremely sensitive and fragile – and exposure to anything that your skin is allergic to can cause a severe allergic reaction. Look for more skin-friendly products. 

Last but not least, when we say skincare, the word comprises face, body, feet and your lips too. So, while you are preparing your winter care regime, don’t ignore the skin on the rest of your body. 

That’s all. Take care. 

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