Importance Of Oiling Hair During Winters

Importance Of Oiling Hair During Winters

In this blog, we are going to talk about something we have been planning for a long time. But now that the winters are already here, we must not further delay the discussion. Don’t be scared, we are only going to talk about Hair Oiling and Winters. 

We were looking up on the internet, even asked Alexa but we didn’t get a good answer. So, we’ve decided to talk about the importance of oiling hair during winters ourselves.

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Let’s begin with the first question – Is oiling hair during winters is important?

The answer is yes. Don’t worry, we will explain the “why”.   

Winter is fun! Snow everywhere, the much-needed relief from the blazing sun, opportunity to wear your stylish woollen… and so on. Considering all that, there couldn’t be a better season than winters only if winter didn’t bring in the various skin problems (which you already know about) and plenty of hair woes.  Dry, brittle hair and dry scalps are some of the common hair problems that are almost impossible to avoid during winters. But, that’s not it. Winter also brings dryness that leaves your hair unmanageable, your crown brittle, and your scalp flaky and itchy.

  • Winter is dry and thus, the air is cold and lacks moisture. Less moisture in the air strips your hair scalp of the essential oils, leading to dandruff and weakened hair follicles.
  • The regular exposure of hair to varying air temperatures due to the frequent going out (cold air) and staying indoors (hot air) run havoc not only on your body and skin but even your hair.

How does hair oil massage help with the problem?

We asked hair & skin care experts. They believe massaging your hair scalp with warm oil can help strengthen your hair during winters. Regular oil massage nourishes your scalps with essential oils and strengthens your hair follicles. Furthermore, trimming your hair to avoid split ends, avoiding exposure to exposure to treatments like colouring, streaking and ironing can keep all your hair woes at bay. 

Few more tips to follow to make oiling work for you:

  • Do not shampoo. Often. Shampooing your hair often leads to excessive washing, further extracting the natural hair oils from your scalp. 
  • Hot water is a big No No. Go for lukewarm water. Hot water shower, irrespective of how tempting it is during winters,  avoid it. Hot water can leave your scalp dry and flaky and your hair brittle. 
  • Treat your hair, every night if possible. Along with hair oil massages, you can give them a proper steam treatment, followed by an occasional deep conditioning mask. It will improve the blood circulation in your scalp and replenish it with the natural nutrients.

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