Is Aloe Vera-Based Cream Good For Oily Skin?

Is Aloe Vera-Based Cream Good For Oily Skin?

If there is a natural product that suits every skin type and can treat every skin concern, it’s aloe vera. This old-house plant has been around for centuries and is used as a medicinal herb which is doubled up as a fantastic skincare ingredient. Although, we completely understand that when you have oily skin, you may apply skincare products with a bit more concern.

Therefore, when people tend to ask the question “Are natural skin creams containing aloe vera good for oily skin?”, it does not come as a surprise. So, we are here to put all those doubts to rest by listing down the ways aloe vera-based cream is good for oily skin. 

  • Source of natural astringent

Astringents are both blessing and a curse for oily skin, as they are effective for sebum control. Most products such as toners contain alcohol as an astringent, which means they dry out the skin and may sometimes be counteractive as well. But this is not the same case for aloe vera.

As it is naturally occurring, aloe vera is a gentle yet effective astringent that helps in absorbing excessive impurities from the skin. In the process, it also helps with sebum control and neutralising free radicals from the face.

  • Provides non-greasy moisturisation

Using a moisturiser can be tricky for those with oily skin, as most of them make the face oily and greasy. On the other hand, aloe vera gel has a high water content that helps in hydrating and moisturising oily skin without making them greasy.

  • Prevents breakouts

If you have oily skin, there are chances that your skin is pimple and acne-prone. But aloe vera can manage to keep excessive acne and zits in check, as it helps in absorbing the excessive acne-causing grime on the face and is also antibacterial in nature.

  • Soothes the skin

People with oily skin have to deal with inflammation that is caused by acne and pimples and are known for making the skin red. But for the good news, aloe vera gel consists of a few enzymes that help in making it an anti-inflammatory staple since it manages to relax all annoying flare-ups, redness and irritations.

  • Heals damaged skin

One of the major drawbacks of having oily and acne-prone skin is that most of the scars caused by acne are left behind and refuse to leave the face. If you have already tried about every remedy for removing these scars, it’s time to switch to aloe vera gel for healing the skin. It consists of glycol-proteins that have anti-inflammatory properties which help in promoting the healing process of these scars.

  • Neutralises free radicals

Free radicals are those unwanted molecules that can literally destroy the collagen of the skin, causing imperfections on oily surfaces. Since aloe vera consists of antioxidant properties, it effectively manages to neutralise the free radicals on the oily skin along with taking care of any impending damage caused by these.

 Final Note

Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients when it comes to treating oily skin concerns. The gel can be extracted directly from the leaves of the plant. But it is definitely a trickier process as the spines of the leaves contain sharp thorns. When using raw aloe vera gel, it is also important that you store it in a sealed container to retain its potency for longer.

But if you are unwilling to perform the difficult gel extraction process but want the goodness of aloe vera gel, we are here to help. Alyuva’s natural cream for glowing skin contains the goodness of aloe vera gel. Being a natural astringent, it helps in absorbing excess oil, sebum and dirt from the skin's pores. The anti-inflammatory and cooling properties help in curing pimples, along with soothing the skin.

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