Lemon Juice for Glowing Summer Skin

Lemon Juice for Glowing Summer Skin

When life gives you lemons, lemonade isn’t the only thing you can make out of it! Well, you can make lemonade if you want to but… you won’t once we tell you about all the good things lemon can do for your skin. Yes, you heard that right – lemon isn’t just good for your gut but it plays a fair role in keeping your skin in a healthy and glowing condition. Want to know more? Let’s get started.  

Tightens skin pores 

Lemon juice has astringent properties which allow it to penetrate deep down into your skin and remove the accumulated dirt along with the unwanted waste. In other words, lemon or lemon juice is an affordable way to cleanse your skin thoroughly and tighten the pores. Regular application of lemon on the face can help clear all the impurities and prevent any infection or skin irritation. 

Fights against oily skin

Presence of excess sebum in the skin results in oily skin. Fresh lemon juice is an excellent natural degreaser which can help reduce the amount of sebum from your face for oil-free skin. Apply lemon juice using a piece of cotton every morning and evening for an oil-free skin all day, forever.  

Is an effective antioxidant 

Lemon is an effective antioxidant. It is one of its most recognized benefits and the antioxidant action comes from the presence of tannins and flavonoids in lemon juice. Add a few drops of water in freshly squeezed lemon juice and apply it on your skin. Repeat the process consistently and you can see the difference yourself.

Is an effective skin whitening agent 

Discoloration, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc. are some common skincare problems we all go through. If you too are suffering, don’t panic. Lemon juice contains Vitamin C, which is known for its whitening effect. Cut a lemon in half and rub it in your face or squeeze the lemon for its juice and apply it on your face using a piece of cotton, regularly. You’ll start witnessing positive changes in your skin. 

Avoid going out in the sun after applying lemon juice on your face. Lemon is also photosensitizing and exposure to sun post-application of lemon juice on your face might lead to exactly opposite results.

Treats acne 

One of the most praised properties of lemon is its antibacterial properties. Those who suffer from acne can simply apply lemon juice on their face, let it dry and then wash it with water! Gradually, the skin will get better and acne will disappear. 

Removes blackheads 

Apart from fighting acne, lemon also helps remove blackheads from the skin. Its vitamin and nutrients contents act as an antiseptic which easily dissolves blackheads; giving you a clean and blackhead-free skin. 

Lemon juice has been a crucial part of Ayurveda for all the right reasons. It alone is an amazing addition to the skincare regime, but combined with other potent herbs and essential oils; it can work wonders for your skin in all ways possible. Use Alyuva skin creams which are made using lemon juice and other potent ingredients along with Shata Dhuata Ghrita (clarified butter) which itself is an effective remedy for all kinds of skin problems. 

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