Monsoon Hair Care: Tips To Prevent Hair Fall During Monsoon

Monsoon Hair Care: Tips To Prevent Hair Fall During Monsoon

Are you also one of those, who leave a clue behind, of their presence? Ohh… just before you get confused, by clues, we meant a trail of hair. If yes, you have landed on the right page. 

Thundering clouds and the mesmerising smell of wet soil is not required to give you a hint that monsoon is round the corner. Your hair suddenly becoming frizzy and loitering all around the place is hint enough. Yes, we are talking exactly about your most pestering problem – excessive hair fall during monsoon. 

It will not be surprising if you are experiencing an increased trajectory of hair fall during the monsoon. The reason behind this is, during the rainy season, the level of humidity in the atmosphere increases. This results in an oily scalp and you end up washing your hair almost 5 times a week. And with the increase in the frequency of hair wash, you also end up taking away the required moisture from your scalp, leading to dry hair and dandruff issues. 

So what’s the solution? How to prevent hair fall during monsoon?

The answer is here, keep reading.

How To Prevent Hair Fall During Monsoon?

According to expert dermatologists, during the rainy season, hair fall increases by almost 30% for more than 90% of people. The basic solution to this is modifying your hair care routine because brittle and frizzy hair is prone to fall easily. The excessive humidity steals the natural oils from the scalp, resulting in weaker roots and a drier scalp. Also, during the monsoon, due to the dampness, your scalp is a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria, leading to infections like itching and a red scalp. 

But hey, cheer up, you are not fighting this battle alone. We got your back and here are a few tips that will help you defeat your hair fall problem.

  • Say No To Fancy Hairdos:

We understand that tying up your hair would be your first preference to avoid making you look like you’ve done some hairdo like Cruella. But not the right time for this. Instead, you need to be Cinderella (the maid Cinderella), covering your hair with a scarf and not bothering about fancy hairstyles. Since your hair is dry, tying it up will increase the chances of entangling and breaking. Instead, just cover your hair with a scarf or something.

  • Do Not Overwash Your Hair:

It must be tempting to wash your hair every day to get rid of the monsoon woes but remember you are Cinderella. Assume that you do not have much shampoo and just wash your hair in a gap of 3 days. Overwashing your hair will only rob the scalp of natural oils and increase hair fall.

  • Use Ayurvedic Hair Oil:

Nourish your hair with Alyuva’s Ayurvedic and Herbal Hair Oil. A night before washing your hair, massage your scalp with Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil enriched with Shata Dhauta Ghrita. It penetrates through the 7 layers of skin and nourishes the follicles, strengthens the roots and prevents hair fall.

This rainy season, try these monsoon hair care tips to keep your hair healthy and strong. Modifying your hair care routine is the best solution to prevent or at least curb excessive hair fall during monsoon. You can also try some of Alyuva’s other natural hair care products like the Herbal Hair Mask, Herbal Hair Protect Conditioner, Alyuva Nourishing Hair Wash, etc to prevent premature greying, thinning and hair fall.

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