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Restore Your Skin – Free It From Blemishes And Get The Baby-Like Softness

Restore Your Skin – Free It From Blemishes And Get The Baby-Like Softness

Growing up in an Indian household, you will often find mothers advising their daughters how the perfect skincare kit is found in the kitchen. Here we will elaborate the power of a natural ingredient-Cow Ghee. Nature’s wonder for your skin, however many are still unaware of its versatility. It has been used for centuries in India for treating several skin problems like blemishes, scars and acne.

Weather conditions in India are harsh and hostile to the skin. There are areas with too humid or too dry weather. Due to the strong sun, the skin becomes prone to sunburns and redness, and the excessive sweating leads to accumulation of sebum under the skin causing pimples and other skin diseases.

Sometimes these skin infections leave blemishes on our skin that are hard to get rid off. However, Ayurved’s Shata Dhauta Ghrita (SDG) is a mixture that is an easy solution to these persistent problems. It is proven to remove scars and pimple marks, giving you an even skin tone and clearer skin.

We at Alyuva recognized the importance of Ayurveda’s well kept secret of SDG and decided to put it to good use by making creams of the same. It has been developed by Indians and is thus best suited for all types of Indian skin. It helps with almost all skin issues and provides long term solutions.

Inflammation of the skin is another major problem with Indian skin. Copper present in SDG enriches it with anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping soothe the skin of people with any such problems. Pimple marks are the toughest to heal because it feels like they will never go, but with SDG it’s not just possible but pretty easy too. Regular application will free your skin of all its blemishes and scars.

Another thing that we find almost impossible to attain is soft, supple baby-like skin way into their adulthood too. We resign to our fates thinking we can never get it, but, its way easier than we think it is.

Taking regular care of your skin, cleansing and moisturizing is the key to having the skin you’ve always wanted. Here is where SDG plays its most important role. It penetrates through all 7 layers of our skin, unlike anything else out there and thus heals it from deep within. It gives you the care you actually need and the best part is that its suitable for all skin types.

Our skin isn’t able to exude that glow because all the moisturizing that we do does not have the required effect on all layers of the skin. If the skin is not moisturized till its very last layer, the glow will inevitably not last. And we’re kept wondering why isn’t our skin soft even after all the care we’re providing it.

SDG is prepared by washing pure desi cow’s ghee 100 times in a copper vessel. As a result of being washed repeatedly, it becomes a really light compound that hydrates and moisturizes your skin deeply, a hydration that you can feel all day long. It doesn’t feel heavy or sticky on the skin and thus is best for the humid Indian climate.

Humid Indian Climate

So, getting that glow and softness is not all that hard after all. And if you thought there is no solution to those resistant pimple marks, you should think again.

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