Signs That Your Skin Is Dehydrated

Signs That Your Skin Is Dehydrated

If given a chance, wouldn’t you want to just avoid make up every once in a while? Or be more confident with or without makeup? Hydrated skin provides a beautiful base for makeup or a ‘make-up free’ look. And to top it all, hydrated skin has several psychological benefits: a healthy and hydrated skin gives you enough confidence and morale boost. Besides that, a makeup-free, hydrated skin is just comfortable skin to live in.

At Alyuva, we believe you can do that… only if you can keep your skin hydrated all the time. “Now, how is that possible?” If that is the question occupying your mind, we have the answer. Skin dehydration can be prevented. All you have to do is keep an eye on the early signs that indicate dehydration in the skin. 

P.S: It won’t be as easy as you think. We often associate certain characteristics with dry, dehydrated skin — signs such as flaking, or a sandpaper-like feeling with skin dehydration and dryness, but there are other ‘not-so-obvious’ signs of skin dehydration. If you don’t know about them, identifying and preventing skin dryness might be difficult for you, especially during winters. So, below are signs that your skin is dehydrated – and what you can do to fix it. 

  • Your skin looks dull and tired 

Lack in the lustre of your skin appearance is one of the earliest signs of skin dehydration. As even shared above, hydrated skin has a natural glowing effect. On the other hand, dry skin lacks luminosity. If not treated on time, the dryness and lack of lustre can even trigger premature skin ageing, making you look older than your age. 

To top it all, dry, lacklustre skin may not cause wrinkles but can accentuate it. 

  • Flaky and rough skin 

Rough, sandpaper-like skin texture is, without a doubt, a sign of ageing. It is the most obvious sign and an indication that your skin lacks moisture. If not taken care of, your skin will be left with dry patches, affecting a small or large portion of an entire area of your skin. 

  • Tight and itchy skin 

Rough and sandpaper-like skin texture is one obvious one, but there are non-obvious signs like the feeling of tightness and mild to aggressive itchiness, which can be indicators of dehydrated skin

  • Cracked and painful skin 

As often observed in severe cases of skin dehydration, which primarily occurs due to a lot of factors including poor environment, unhealthy diet, regular and unnecessary medication, and continued lack of regimen, the moisture barrier, which keeps the skin hydrated, gets compromised and breaks the skin. Your skin can begin to feel very painful.

  • Acne and Skin inflammation

Skin acne, which is often associated with oily skin, can also be a result of skin dryness. Dehydrated skin can, claim the experts, make your skin more prone to acne. Anytime the skin barrier is disrupted, skin inflammation can result in the form of acne.

How to get rid of the shared signs of skin dehydration? Adopt an all-natural skincare regimen that not just boosts your skin hydration levels but also keeps your skin’s natural health and complexion intact. Visit Alyuva Skin Care Section for more.

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