The Rejuvenating Benefits Of Camphor Oil For Feet

The Rejuvenating Benefits Of Camphor Oil For Feet

Over the years, there has been an important shift in consumer purchasing trends. As briefly discussed by SHOSHANNA DELVENTHAL in her article titled “New Generation of Consumers Increase Demand for Natural Products” on Investopedia, the demand for natural products is on the rise. And the same is applicable to all kinds of personal care products. Now you may already know this and chances are, most of you are already using natural, chemical-free skin, hair and body care products. But, it is time you replace your foot care products too with natural alternatives. How would you do that? 

With the rise in demand, many cosmetic brands have introduced ‘Natural Foot Cream’ in the market. And a bid to purchase a completely natural product is definitely going to lead to a plethora of confusion – unless you know what to look for. So, the question is, do you know how to identify a foot care cream that is actually natural? Don’t worry if you don’t. We’ll help you out. 

Camphor Oil has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic history for centuries and it is a very common ingredient of all creams, ointments, and lotions. Additionally, camphor oil is a crucial ingredient for all-natural foot creams. So, if ‘camphor oil’ is not a part of your foot cream’s ingredients list, what you are buying is not a good addition to your foot care regime. Let’s talk a look at why camphor oil is imperative in natural foot creams. 

1. Relieves pain 

As per a 2015 study by Trusted Source, camphor, due to its ability to increase elastin and collagen production, is quite effective in the treatment of wounds. Use a camphor-oil based foot cream on the area you’d like to treat at least once per day.

2. Relieves skin irritation

Camphor oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties which makes it effective in treating all kinds of skin infections. Alyuva’s Foot Care Cream which contains camphor oil can be used to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and may help to improve the overall appearance of foot skin. 

3. Heals burns 

As shared above, Camphor oil is effective in the treatment of skin wounds which includes burn wounds too. Foot creams or any cream made using camphor oil, sesame oil, and honey decrease the healing time for burn wounds. 

4. Treats toenail fungus

Camphor oil is known for its antifungal properties. The essential oil or foot care creams that contain camphor oil are effective in treating toenail fungus. You can use Alyuva’s Natural Foot Cream twice a day for a few weeks to get freedom from toenail fungus. 

5. Antispasmodic

One of the prominent uses of camphor in Ayurveda is for its antispasmodic properties, which makes camphor oil and the oil-based products effective in healing muscle cramps, spasms, and stiffness. Using camphor-oil based Alyuva Foot Cream on your foot can help relax the stressed muscles and provide instant relief from muscle cramps and all other above listed problems.

Apart from Foot Cream, Camphor Oil finds its use in many more skincare products like creams and lotions. The essential oil is effective in the treatment of hair loss, acne, warts, earaches, cold sores, and haemorrhoids, etc.

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