Top 5 Skincare Tips For This Monsoon

Top 5 Skincare Tips For This Monsoon

July to August is the two months when you can expect the clouds to bless you with the much-needed relief from the blistering heat. And although Monsoon was a bit late this year, it is finally here! What does this mean for your skin? With the increased level of moisture in the air, your skin will have its mood swings: oily skin will become oilier, dry skin will get drier, the pH of your skin will get disturbed, and a lot more. 

Replacing a face wash or a few creams won’t do, you need a completely new skincare routine for your skin. Here are a few things we suggest. 

  1. A broad-spectrum sunscreen: We’ve said it multiple times and we’ll say it once more, the sun is never at rest. Your sunscreen shouldn’t be too. Sun rays are harmful to your skin, be it summer, winter or Autumn, and even Monsoon. Never let your body get exposed to sun rays without applying sunscreen lotion first. Not just that, make sure the sunscreen you use is at least SPF 30+. Higher SPF means better protection for your skin against the sun. 
  1. Something to exfoliate your skin naturally: It is raining heavily and your skin is already going through several mood swings at once. Considering all that, you’d not want to irritate your skin further by using a chemical-based product for exfoliation. Treat your skin with a natural, herbal ingredients-based skincare cream or face wash for exfoliation. Additionally, don’t do it much, limit the frequency to twice or thrice a week. 
  1. Cleansing after exfoliation is a DOUBLE YES: Exfoliation is incomplete without a proper cleansing action right after. While exfoliation removes the excess oil from your face, cleansing helps clean the pores. This allows your skin to breathe and easily absorb skin creams applied. 
  1. Tone your skin: Even after exfoliating and cleansing, a little dirt and makeup might remain on your skin. Even if it doesn’t, it is a good approach to tone your skin. It’d remove the remaining dirt and makeup from your skin and further allow the skin to breathe. Make sure to use a natural ingredient-based skin toner. 
  1. Moisturization is essential: After completing the three-step process of exfoliation, cleansing, and toning, moisturizing your skin with a natural moisturizing cream can replenish your skin with essential oils and make it softer. Use Deep Moisturizing cream which has all-natural ingredients like cucumber, tea tree oil, lemongrass, and wheat germ, combined with magical Shata Dhauta Ghrita, Manjistha, and Calendula. The cream hydrates your skin without making you feel oily. 

Summing up, Monsoon is a tough time for skin and a change of skincare routine is much required. But it won’t be enough if you don’t work on the other factors which are responsible for your overall health: proper sleep, regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Take care of yourself, be it summer, winter, or monsoon, and even autumn or spring.

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