When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Cream Products?

When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Cream Products?

  • Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle, especially given the pandemic we are going through 
  • The stress levels in our daily lives have increased 
  • The daily use products are laced with chemicals
  • The food we eat is full of chemicals from pesticides
  • The pollution in the air has reached hazardous levels 
  • The water we drink is quite polluted 
  • And we are not properly taking care of ourselves

If you are in your 20s and have been wondering why your skin is showing signs of ageing already, you know the answer. 

Now, if you are already a victim of premature skin ageing and are determined to do something about it, these are some questions you must be trying to answer in your mind right now:-

  • Should I start using anti-ageing cream? 
  • If yes, which one? 
  • Am I not too young to use anti-ageing cream? 
  • Should I not let my skin’s natural repair system do the job? 

In most cases, skin-ageing starts at the age of 25 (younger if you are abusing your body with a non-skin friendly lifestyle). When that happens, the first thing we do is run for an anti-ageing cream… yet, we haven’t figured out the right age to start using one. It’s a never-ending conundrum – the real problem. 

In this blog, we will solve the problem once and for all. 

So, what is the right age to start using anti-ageing cream/ products? In other words, is there a specific age to start using anti ageing skin creams? The answer is no. It depends on the circumstances. Here’s how and why!

  • 90% of how and when your skin ages depend on its UV exposure. This means, people who have field jobs i.e. they are under the sun for long hours, they might need the products way sooner than those who have a desk job. That said, extra love and skin care never hurt. So, if you want to start using anti-ageing creams in your 20s (early or late) or earlier, it’s fine. Just make sure the products you use are chemical-free. Additionally, start using sunscreen throughout the year if you haven’t been already using one. And be sun smart. If you do, you might never need a skin ageing cream… or need one much later than people around you. 
  • The other causes of early signs of ageing are stress, pollution and your lifestyle i.e. people living in cities, having a stressful job, leading an inactive/ sedentary lifestyle, etc. are more likely to need anti-ageing creams sooner. So, keeping into account the pollution level in your area, how frequently you step outside and for how long, the amount of stress you have in your life, you can decide whether or not to start using anti-ageing creams. 

Last but not least, some renowned dermatologists believe the 20s can be a good time to start using anti-ageing and other skin care products. Inclusion of targeted anti-ageing skincare creams in your early 20s adds an extra dose of antioxidants like vitamin C and growth factors in your daily skin care regime, which helps combat the pathological signs of ageing, further helping the skin repair the damages. 

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