Why Is Oiling Hair a Necessity for today’s millennials?

Why Is Oiling Hair a Necessity for today’s millennials?

Ageing is a part of life. As we grow old, a lot of things change, especially in regards to our physical appearance. And hair fall is one of the most crucial signs of ageing. You’re likely to lose your hair eventually and experience signs of slow thinning. That’s natural. But, that doesn’t explain the young millennials with squeaky clean heads (complete or pattern baldness). While lifestyle-based factors such as increased stress, anxiety, etc. are some of the common reasons behind premature greying of hair, receding hairlines or pattern baldness amongst men, lack of regular hair oiling can also result in millennials losing their hair younger. 

While some may be in love with their all-clean, bald look, others who want a solution from premature greying of hair, hair fall and other similar problems can start with regular hair oiling. Adding hair oiling into your hair care routine can help your hair immensely. Apart from providing your hair with a source of hydration, oil can also provide the minerals and vitamins required to keep it healthy. 

What are the benefits of regular hair oiling?

Hydrates the hair 

Like your skin, your hair too needs regular hydration to stay soft, healthy and shining. But, the constant exposure to the sun and pollutants leads to extensive hair fall. Applying hair oil regularly at night followed by shower the next morning can provide your hair with the much-needed hydration without blocking the pores. Applying Aluyva’s Herbal Hair Oil thrice a week can help effectively repair the damaged hair strands and strengthen them from the roots.  

Nourishes the hair with essential oils

Constant use of hair styling products strips off your hair scalp from the essential oils, which eventually leads to weakened roots and hair dryness. Using hair oils which are formulated using essential oils, nourishes your scalp with essential oils and helps in hair repair and maintenance.   

Prevents hair fall

Regular hair massage using a good hair oil exfoliates your scalps of the dead skin and revitalizes your hair follicles to help prevent hair fall.

Helps in hair regrowth 

Essential oils like Bhringraj, Coconut, Shikakai & Hibiscus that are the key ingredients of Alyuva’s Herbal Hair Oil, are very effective in promoting hair regrowth. The infused organic essential oils and herbs further penetrate deep into the hair follicles and stimulate blood circulation.

Strengthen hair roots

Regular hair oil application removes the harmful toxins that we are exposed to due to our daily life routine. Hair oiling also clears hair follicles of harmful bacteria and strengthens your roots immensely. Additionally, applying hair oil also replenishes lost minerals and vitamins to your hair and scalp which also strengthens roots.

Haircare is a tricky affair and one of the best ways to go about it is by switching to completely natural, chemical-free products. At Alyuva, our new Herbal Hair Oil is an all-natural formulation, enriched with Shata Dhauta Ghrita (100 times washed Indian Cow Ghee/Clarified Butter). The ghee in the hair oils helps the ingredients to penetrate through the 7 layers of the skin, deep down to follicles which help in increasing the blood circulation to the hair follicles and prevent premature greying of hair, premature falling and thinning of hair and help in regrowth of fallen hair.

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