Why You Lips Deserve An All-Natural Lip Balm

Why You Lips Deserve An All-Natural Lip Balm

When we talk about ‘Lip Care’, we mean the things beyond ‘which lipstick shade would suit your skin tone’ or any such questions that you may have. For us at Alyuva, a proper lip care product is even more important than skin and hair care essentials. Here’s why!

Lips are an integral part of oral health. Unlike the skin on other parts of your body, they are more delicate, essentially due to a lower number of skin layers on them. While most other body parts have 15 to 16 different layers, your lips have only 3-4 layers of skin. This makes them more fragile and more prone to the damage caused by external factors. To add to the damage, most lipstick and lip balms available in the market are made using harmful chemicals. These toxic lip care products might provide immediate treatment for cracking and chapping of lips but they cause long-term damage to your lips and your overall health. 

Your lips deserve a break from the chemical-based lip care solutions. Give your lips the love and care of natural ingredients-based lip balms from Alyuva. If you need reasons to switch to natural lip balms, take a look below. 

  • Natural lip balms are safe for your health – Your lips have a fewer number of layers of skin. We’ve already shared why. Whatever you apply on your lips gets absorbed by the skin and mixes with your blood. Knowing that, you wouldn’t want anything even remotely harmful on your lips, would you? Organic or natural lip balms are made using completely natural ingredients. For instance, Alyuva lip balms are a blend of natural fruit extracts, ghee, and essential oils. 
  • Natural lip balms are paraben free – Chemical  lip balms use paraben – a cheap preservative that, when absorbed by your lips, interfere with hormone function, leading to an increased risk of breast cancer along with interfering with your reproductive function. On the contrary, natural lip balms are paraben-free.
  • Natural lip balms protect from damages due to external factors – The natural ingredients of natural lip balms have several health benefits. Like other commercial lip care products, natural lip balms not only heal cracked lips but also protect them from future damage.  For instance, beeswax, cocoa butter, coconut oil and Shata Dhuata Ghrita in the lip balms not only moisturize and soften your lips but the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the above-shared ingredients help heal, protect and prevent damage caused by external factors. 
  • Natural lip balms are made using fruit extracts – Unlike toxic lip care products that use synthetic colours & dyes for their colour and fragrance, natural lip balms are made using all-natural and biodegradable ingredients. 

We could talk all day about natural lip balms and why your lips deserve them, but we hope this is enough to help you make the right choice. If it is, you’ll be flaunting your naturally healthy, smooth, and supple lips in no time. 

Take care. 

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