Winter Care Tips For Babies

Winter Care Tips For Babies

Winter is the time to be at home and with your loved ones. Snuggling with your loved ones while having a hot cup of tea is the best feeling in winter. While this season brings a lot of joy, it also makes our skin and hair dry & flaky. The air in winters is dry and holds less moisture which results in dehydrated skin & hair. Then imagine, What can this cold weather do to a baby’s skin & hair health? But nothing to worry about, winter care tips for babies are your solution.

It becomes more difficult for babies to sail through these cold winter months as they have soft and sensitive skin which can get irritated, dry, and flaky very easily. It is very challenging to take care of newborns and is crucial to give extra attention to their skin and hair to keep it moisturized and hydrated throughout the cold months.

Essentials For Your Baby’s Winter Care

The first step is to use the right products for babies which are as gentle as your love for them! While parents try anything and everything to keep their little one’s skin soft and nourished, they often forget how natural products are the most beneficial when it comes to taking care of babies. It is recommended by the experts to follow a proper winter care routine and winter care tips for babies. It also becomes important to use natural products without any chemical and artificial preservatives to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Here are our recommendations to make this season less harsh for your baby’s skin & hair.

Baby Hair Nourishment Oil

Alyuva’s Baby Hair Nourishment Oil is made of essential oils with no chemicals and artificial preservatives. It protects and nourishes the scalp and hair of the baby from the roots. It is a multipurpose hair oil for hair growth, nourishment, hair strength, and scalp hygiene. The hair oil is infused with Shata Dhauta Ghrita (100 times washed Ghee). It helps other oils and herbs to penetrate deep into the hair roots and hair follicles. Applying this hair oil every day on your newborn’s scalp will maintain the proper nourishment and moisture during the winter season.

Baby Ghee Saffron Massage Oil

This amazing Baby Ghee Saffron Massage Oil is specifically made with Shata Dhauta Ghrita. It deeply penetrates through all seven layers of skin to nourish it from within and keep the skin smooth and moisturized. Alyuva’s ghee saffron massage oil is soothing and anti-inflammatory which helps in healing damaged and dry skin. Massage your baby’s head and body with this oil every day before bathing and give your baby healthy hair and skin.

Dryness, allergies, dullness, and irritation can cause rashes to the baby’s sensitive skin. To avoid rashes and any type of irritation, parents should use gentle and good-quality products. Don’t let the chills and extreme temperatures take away your baby’s cuteness and softness. Start following an effective and gentle winter care routine for your little ones with Alyuva.

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