7 Sun Safe Habits To Swear By

7 Sun Safe Habits To Swear By

India has enjoyed a less glorious summer this year; probably because most of us haven’t been outdoors to experience the ‘glory of summer’ yet, or maybe because the weather is slightly milder than usual. But there’s no doubt the day lockdown gets over and we get back to our normal routine, Mr Sun will be baking us again. Exposure to the sun for long hours can lead to serious problems such as skin burns, rashes, fine lines, wrinkles and sometimes skin cancer. But, the good news is, all these can be avoided by taking proper safety measures. So, taking sun safety seriously, below are some sun safety tips to swear by this summer. 

1. Apply sunscreen lotion throughout the year 

You all know the benefits of sunscreen and have been using it every summer. However, winters or rainy seasons don’t make the sun any less harmful for your skin. The UV rays remain dangerous throughout the year. So, if you live in a country like India where the sun delights you with its presence throughout the year, don’t limit the use of sunscreen to just one season.  

2. Use an SPF 30+ sunscreen 

SPF 30+ sunscreen lotion such as Alyuva’s sunscreen lotion that is SPF 30 or higher. As per the American Cancer Society, higher SPF (30+) means broader spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburns, premature ageing signs and other skin problems altogether.

3. Apply sunscreen liberally

Sunscreen protects essential skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and elastin which are required for keeping the skin smooth, wrinkle-free and healthy. So, as Doctors recommend, apply sunscreen liberally and evenly over your entire body, including your neck, ears and lips for complete sunscreen coverage. 

4. Apply sunscreen every day and after every two hours 

Sunscreens act as a shield against the harmful UV rays which penetrate every time your skin is exposed to the sun. It is therefore advisable to use sunscreen every day, and probably every two hours if you are out in the sun 24X7, or out on the beach working out or enjoying a sunbath.

5. Say ‘No’ to tan or tanning beds

The dark summer tan is a result of skin exposure to harmful UV radiations. You may think it’s glamorous but it’s not. Besides, tan, whether it is due to direct exposure to sun or due to tanning beds, is highly unhealthy that means damaged skin cells and increased chances of skin cancer. So, no more tanning booths or lying down under the sun for long hours to get a tan. 

6. Be smart about your time in the sun 

Summer, despite all the problems it causes, is one of the best months. People finally get a sigh of relief from the freezing winters and get the opportunity to go out on family vacations. While there’s nothing wrong in doing that – and we are not asking you to stay indoors; be smart about your time in the sun. 10 A.M to 4 P.M is when the sun is at its peak and the rays are most harmful. It’s best to avoid enjoying the sun during these hours. 

7. Choose your clothing judiciously

Summers are extremely hot and so, it’s normal to choose loose, light coloured clothes with wet fabrics. But, wearing darker colours clothes made using tighter, and dry fabric can offer better protection from the sun. Also, if you already have skin burns, try avoiding further damage by wearing protective clothing. 

Sun safety is no joking matter and we hope all of you agree. So, this summer, let’s be smart and follow the sun safety habits for complete protection against ill-effects of summer. 

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